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Kangen Water: Benefits For Athletes

Updated: Feb 11

Serious Results For Serious Athletes. How Kangen Water may benefit you?

  • Quicker reaction time

  • Increased oxygen uptake

  • Increased ability to exercise

  • Higher energy levels

  • Better mental clarity

  • Increase in lean muscle

  • Reduction in body fat

  • Less fatigue – greater endurance

  • Better immune function Plus much much more.


There is no question; water is the key to life. Water helps us absorb and digest our nutrients and eliminate toxins. Water lubricates our joints, helps protect our tissues, and gives flexibility to our muscles, tendons, cartilage, and bones. Each of our cells contains water. Like a fish tank, the better the condition of the water, the healthier the fish. We need to be sure we consume sufficient amounts of good water.

The evidence is mounting that water with a higher pH and high levels of negative ORP has been providing more stamina, less fatigue and better cellular hydration, flushing out the toxins and helping the body operate at peak efficiency.

Most people drink lots of fluids, but not enough water. In fact a lot of us are consuming alarming amounts of processed foods, soft drinks, refined sugars and other convenience items in lieu of the fresh, whole foods that have been shown to provide a much richer source of nutrients. Unfortunately for a lot of people, about the only time they drink water is to swallow their medicine. To be properly hydrated our cells need an ongoing supply of water to help speed repair and help reduce the buildup of lactic acid. If your body is not properly hydrated at the cellular level, not only will your health and well-being suffer, but your athletic performance will falter. Drinking Kangen Water is an excellent source of improved hydration. Try it, see for yourself for 30 days, TOTALLY FREE!

Shan Stratton Endorses Enagic’s Kangen Water

Who is Shan Stratton? Shan is a Sports Nutritional Consultant for the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, NHL, NY YANKEES, AZ DIAMONDBACKS, HOUSTON ROCKETS, LA DODGERS, etc. He has worked with countless famous athletes like Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, Cynthia Cooper and on and on. He states that drinking Kangen Water is the missing link to overall health and performance for athletes after promoting and counseling the use of high quality supplements, enzymes, and probiotics to the athletic community for over 15 years. Shan researched Enagic’s Kangen Water, even trying it himself before endorsing the Kangen Water ionizer.

Shan met with Enagic’s executive staff and scientists, and personally investigated the integrity of both the company and the products. The reason for this is that he has tremendous integrity at stake with his involvement with so many high powered sports figures and coaches internationally. Shan is known internationally for his training sessions and corporate speaking events as a nutritionist, a sports supplementation specialist, and a renowned motivational speaker. Shan is committed to the mission of changing the “sick care” of America and the world over to a true Health & Wellness Care system. He is passionate about helping to educate the world about the tremendous health benefits of drinking alkalized, antioxidant-charged, super-hydrating Kangen Water from the only company that has the seal of approval from the Japanese medical community. Shan Stratton #Enagic #AlkalineWater

Ionized, restructured water supplies the body with extra free electrons that can be used to help neutralize disease causing free radicals in your body. Kangen Water has an alkaline pH along with a strong NEGATIVE ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which makes it a very potent antioxidant. Soft drinks, sports drinks, and even most bottled waters have acidic pH and positive ORP- that means they are not antioxidants; they are actually oxidizing your body. Now you can begin to see why athletes from around the world are discovering the benefits and the true power of Kangen Water. You can make the healthiest performance water in the world, right at home, instantly, anytime you want with Enagic`s Leveluk Platinum SD501.

For more information visit: https://www.biocaresafety.com/molecular-hydration

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